Next, we detail the steps to follow to obtain a "Virtual Tour" for your Business.
1. Contact a Certified Photographer by Google
José Suárez He is a Certified Photographer of Google for Miami, Florida and the United States.
Request information through the contact form to arrange a price adjusted for the virtual tour of your business. Although there are some guide prices, it is important that the photographer visit their facilities beforehand to study a customized budget.
2. Have your Business on Google My Business
To publish the Virtual Tour it is necessary that your business or company is registered in Google My Business and be the administrator of the file.
In case you do not have your business registered in Google, you can create your file through "Google My Business" in this link:
If you prefer we can create and manage the Google Places tab of your business for you, contact us.
3. Concert Date of the Photo Session
Once the budget has been agreed and the Google Places tab of your Business confirmed, we will be able to take the photo shoot. You must sign an agreement where the photographer is authorized to take the photographs of the virtual tour and then upload it to Google. Without this agreement the Photographer will not be able to perform the session.
4. Take care of every detail of your Business
It is your responsibility to have your business ready at the time of the photo shoot, notify your staff and your customers, check the decoration and cleanliness. Pay attention to the detail, since each panorama is 360º and your visitors will see from floor to ceiling.